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Eagle Creek Watershed Alliance
The Eagle Creek Watershed Alliance (ECWA) is a broad coalition of
individuals, volunteers, foundations, local organizations, utilities,
county, state, and federal agencies, and universities working together
to improve water quality and the environment of Eagle Creek Watershed.
The ECWA, formerly the Eagle Creek Watershed Task Force, has been in
existence since 1997.
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The Center for Earth and Environmental Sciences
CEES is a research center working to solve complex environmental
problems by providing programs that translate environmental issues
and solutions to legislators, environmental professionals, students,
and citizens.
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Upper white River Watershed Alliance
We are on our way to becoming the principal regional watershed leader in Indiana by creating resources, educational programs and partnerships, that promote, protect, and enhance the biological, chemical, and physical integrity of the White River ecosystem. Our watershed is home to critical drinking water supplies, some of Indiana’s biggest industry and economic drivers, and the largest, most diverse population centers in the state.
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Indiana NRCS
The Mission of NRCS Outreach is to conduct business to ensure that NRCS programs and services are made accessible to all customers, with emphasis on the underserved.  Historically, underserved audiences have included tribes, minorities, women, the disabled, limited resource farmers and small-scale farmers.  Underserved audiences can also include other groups of customers, such as the Amish or organic producers.
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We provide web-based tools for visualizing watershed and designing land use and runoff management alternatives on the landscape.